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Sturgis Community – Ride with Locals

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Think of it as a guide tore of Sturgis Bike Rally to ride with locals, the Sturgis community knows their way around the Black Hills for years, and they will take you the places you need to see. This is the best option to know about Sturgis community.

But this is SMR; you have to ride your bike right? You can tell us that you went to one of the biggest motorcycle events and you didn’t ride your bike? Hell no! You are going on a ride, and a local is going to take you along with them.

Sturgis Community

Sturgis Community

Ride with Locals

If you are a first timer to attend the Sturgis motorcycle rally then you should know about the Sturgis community. There is a way you can see things from a local’s point of view. You can just go on a ride with “Ride with Locals”.

Ride with locals

Ride with Locals

Now, the racing is all good and fine. We mean it is super exciting seeing such skilled riders at their best. You can’t really participate unless you confirm a pro yourself. As a matter of fact, we would encourage not joining unless you have some years of professional racing under your belt.

Sturgis Bike Rally Registration

You’ll get to see the sights and delights that the Black Hills of South Dakota have to offer.

How you can register yourself for Sturgis Bike Bally?

In 2002, the city’s “Rally Department” was formed. The job of this department was to take the place of all prior contract labor hired to endorse and organize the Sturgis motorbike rally. All the native staff is in charge of setting up well pretty much everything. From the banners, street signs, traffic lights, driving lanes, street blocks to handling all the trash and junk that piles up due to the rally in Sturgis.

Registration fee is $25 per person, and per ride, there is a 25 bikes limit. They will provide the location’s map at the start of the morning of the trip. It will take about four to five hours, with breaks, to get back to Sturgis. The ride was such a success in 2017 that they’ve added a third day to the package in Daytona bike week. Now you can join the ride on Friday, August 3rd, Wednesday, August 8 and even Friday, August 10th.

This ride starts from taking you to some of the best back roads that the Black Hills have to offer its riders. Through this not only will you get to see the sights and ride on the best roads. You also won’t have to plane for any of it. All the planning is done by the guides and all you have to do is ride along with some of the best riders from the town of Sturgis in bike week.

The departure is at 9:00 am so you have to arrive by 8:30 am at least to meet your ride leaders, from there you will check-in and receive your ride instructions from your guide/local.

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