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Sturgis Contest

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We are introducing Sturgis contest of this year. These contests include The tattoo competition, Street-Food Throwdown, Beard & Mustache Contest, Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant, World Champion Knife & Axe Throwing, Bike Stunt Contests, Crazy Contest and Fun Fest Contests.

Sturgis Contest

In the event that you have a shrouded ability, the Sturgis South Dakota is the place to give it a chance to sparkle!

Because in addition to its world-class events, the Sturgis Rally host a huge variety of crazy-fun contests. It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re the world’s best bike rider, manufacturer or you can burp your ABCs; this event brings the lot of Sturgis contests you can enter and win. we are going to share some exciting sturgis contest with all of you.

1) The tattoo competition:

Now here is something that you don’t see every day. Want to see some awesome tattoo?  Well not only you can see some amazing tattoos, but you can find out what kind of tattoos are the best in their respective categories.

Tattoos are a part of being a biker in one way or the other. While getting a tattoo isn’t for everyone, we can agree that everyone can admire a great work of art in front of them.

Sturgis Tattoo Competition

Sturgis Tattoo Competition

So, the rules of the Tattoo Tuesday are simple all you have to do is register for one of the categories that they have and yes you can choose as many categories as you like to be a part of, next you have to pay a registration fee of $5 per category and after that you just have to show off your awesome tattoos in Sturgis Contest. Grand prize, of course, is included alongside a certificate for the winner of every category.

  • Arm Sleeve:

So the only thing that you need to have to register for this category is a complete sleeve; you have to have a sleeve covering both upper and forearm.

  • Leg Sleeve:

You have to have a full sleeve; a complete sleeve means that it should be covering the entire leg.

  • Back Piece:

Only one rule here, your tattoo must cover entire back.

  • Black & Grey:

White ink is acceptable but NO colored ink. The only colors allowed are black and gray shades.

  • Oriental:

All far-eastern designs are judged under this category.

  • Pinup:

All pinup style art.

  • Cover-up:

A cover-up of an existing tattoo. But you need to have a photo of the covered up tattoo.

  • Horror:

Horror style tattoo.

  • Portrait:

Must be recognizable as the person portrayed. Mandatory to have a photo or other acceptable reproduction of the person depicted. Must be a human subject, no unrealistic character/s such as cartoon art.

  • Traditional:

Must be simplistic traditional art, Neo-traditional art will be judged under its own category called the new school class.

  • New School:

Neo-traditional or graffiti inspired tattoos.

  • Floral:

Resembling flowers or plants.

  • Color:

Includes any style or size of the tattoo as long as it has bright, lively coloring.

  • Overall body:

You can have a single huge one or spread out multiple smaller tattoos up to full coverage of your overall body then you can compete in this category.

2) Street-Food Throwdown

This year the folks at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally have something even better. This year there will be Sturgis Street-Food Throwdown!

And what is the Sturgis “Street-Food Throwdown” you ask? Well then let us enlighten you about this activity.

Sturgis Street-Food Throwdown is going to be a full-on war of the food vendors amongst each other to find out who is the true kind of food at the SMR. All food vendors that want to enter will be listed on the Sturgis Bike Rally website to let people know that these vendors are not a part of the sturgis contest.

Street Food Throwdown

Street Food Throwdown

The People will choose who is a winner as “The People’s Choice” the “Best of the Best” award winner will be the one to receive a banner that they can place on their tent or trailer to showcase that they are the Champions of the Sturgis Street Food Throw Down awards.

Along with that, the winners will also get a voucher good for next year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally vending permit, which has a value of $1500 so saving major cash in the process.

Both “The People’s Choice” and the “Best of the Best” winner will receive a listing on the official Sturgis Motorcycle Rally website for the whole year.

However, if you want to enter this Sturgis contest, you will have to follow these rules:

  • Contest Rules

  1. Only the first (60) sixty food vendors can register for the throw down. It is literally first to come, first serve so hurry and get a spot as fast as you can.
  2. All vendors that want to enter must be retested by 4:00 pm, Friday, August 3, 2018, otherwise you are out. The Victors of the contest will be announced on Sunday, August 5, at midday on the Harley-Davidson Rally Point Stage.
  3. All the teams have to bring their own cooking equipment, fire extinguisher, truck, ingredients, tools and serving dishes, etc. basically bring your own stuff people.
  4. Contestants are allowed to compete from a food booth or truck.
  5. All ingredients for cooking the dishes will be supplied by the team. All the dishes that you want to present must be cooked during the six days of the contest.
  6. You have to show proof of a Sturgis City vending license when asked for but better if it is in sight at all times.
  7. Judges will only purchase your signature dish during the contest time frame.
  8. Your signature dish can be your main dish, side dish, dessert, cake or beverage.
  9. However, your signature dishes must be a dish that you served to the general public throughout the rally.
  10. The Judging is based on the visual appeal of dish, texture, taste, and aroma.
  11. And the Judges decisions are final.

3) Beard & Mustache Contest

If there are two things that bikers love just as much as riding and cool shades it has got to be a nice beard and mustache.

We all know that in motorcycle culture you have got to bring out the men with amazing beards and mustaches.  And if you are someone that thinks that they’ve got a great beard or mustache than you sir are welcome to prove it in Sturgis contest. Why not be a part of the 79th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Beard & Mustache Contest? Let’s see what you got!

Sturgis Contest

Beard & Mustache Contest

You can come on down to Harley-Davidson Rally Point on the legendary Sturgis Main Street on Wednesday, August 8th. Registration for the competition will start from 5:00 pm, but do hurry as the competition itself begins at 6:00 pm sharp.

Let’s have a look at the overall categories of Sturgis contest to see where you would be a perfect fit.

The Categories:

  1. Papa Beard:

All the people with a full Beard over six inches are going to be judged under this category. The rules for this category are;

  • The mustache may not be highlighted.
  • The beard appears as it grows naturally.
  • The beard shouldn’t curl under at the bottom.
  • Basically, you are not permitted any styling aids.
  1. Baby Beard:

Men with a full Beard six inches and under. Again the beard must have a natural appearance. The more natural, the better! The mustache should not be highlighted, and the beard may not be curled under at the bottom. Meaning that you are not allowed any styling aids in this category as well.

  1. Double Dapper:

A full Beard with Styled Mustache. Following are the boundaries of this category:

  • Styling aids are permitted for the mustache.
  • Full beard, any length with the distinctly styled mustache.
  • The appearance, natural, the more natural, the better and no styling aids for the beards.
  1. Not All There:

This category is for the guys with the “Partial Beard,” meaning that they have like a goatee or sideburns or chops all of such styles come under this class. There are not a lot of rules for this class except that you need to have partial facial hair.

  1. Beer Soakin’ Mustache

For all of you out there that are really proud of their “Natural Mustache,” you might want to give this one a shot. The rules? Here you go:

  • No closed curls.
  • No styling aids allowed.
  • Mustache as it grew and left natural.
  • The mustache may be maintained but Without Styling Aids.
  1. Dapper Stache:

Now comes the class for all the people that were waiting for the styling aids to be allowed, the Styled Mustache class.

If you love to “do up” your mustache with all sorts of cool products than this is the right class for you!  You final have Styling aids are permitted, make the most of it.

  1. Whiskerina:

This one is for the ladies that just like to screw around and have fun!

Have a little fun and show what the lord neglected to give you. Now you have a chance to show over 50000 people what ladies would look like, what could have been it ladies rocked a mustache.


All you have to do is pick a theme for your beard or mustache. Be as creative as you can. The Judges will be looking for good craftsmanship, creativity, and overall best appearance when crowning the Whiskerina.


1)Styling aids include:

  • Hair gel.
  • Hairspray.
  • Hair lacquer.
  • Styling Foam.
  • Mustache/Hair wax, etc.

2)Any and all forms of “Hair dye” is prohibited in the natural categories.

3)The beard should be separate from the hair on your head and not joined with it.

4) Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant

On the off chance that you’ve been to the Buffalo Chip amid the Sturgis rally, you know August in South Dakota can feel about as hot as your fumes pipe in the wake of a prolonged day of riding. And keeping in mind that you may spend your days keeping cool at hanging out spots like the Bikini Beach Swim Paradise, you’ll be similarly as upbeat to have the warmth turned to move down around evening time when these blasting hot biker angels of the International Bikini Team swagger over the Chip’s incredible primary stage in the daily Miss Buffalo Chip Pageant.

Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant

Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant

5) World Champion Knife & Axe Throwing

Blade Aces is an association in light of one mission: To design, create and build the most expert, institutionalized, and fun accuracy shot games association on the planet.
There will be four noteworthy occasions occurring at the Blade Aces Booth including the Amateur rules conventional knife and ax throwing event, Quick Draw competition and an axe throwing demonstration.
The Quick Draw Competition is straight on the rivalry between two contenders tossing at two wooden targets wired to an electronic clock. The speediest time for the week at the Quick Draw Competition will win the radiant Sturgis Quick Draw Trophy.
The Blade Aces stall will have 12 targets and four paths of blade and hatchet tossing, two assigned Quick Draw targets and the atlatl presentation path.

Sturgis Contest

World Champion Knife & Axe Throwing

6) Stunt Contests

The event highlighted the best 20 riders from everywhere throughout the nation all vieing for cash and prizes.
Bell Helmets sponsored the first ever all V-twin trick rivalry called the Battle at Sturgis Bike Rally.
He is welcoming the best Stunt riders to turn out on Tuesday, 8th August, at 3:30 p.m. what’s more, will clash in a Stunt competition that will be judged by famous racer, Stunt developer and free-form motocross legend Carey Hart.
The champ will bring home $1,500, and second place $500 displayed by Dualigans. Promptly following the challenge, a Dualigans Party will occur.

Sturgis Contest

Stunt Contest

7) Crazy & Fun Fest Contests

Fun Fest takes you and your companions through an energizing gathering loaded with super cold beverages, energizing amusement, obnoxious games, lovely young ladies and liberal giveaways on the CrossRoads Stage.

The most popular fun fest in sturgis contest mentioned below.

  • Bikni Contest

Regardless of whether you’d jump at the chance to grandstand your tricky side or simply hang out and watch the most sizzling sparsely clad ladies vie for Homemade Bikini wonderfulness, this amazing challenge is an absolute necessity for your Sturgis contest.

In the event that you have a remarkable feeling of style and you’re the sort of individual who likes to “Do It Without anyone’s help,” at that point the every day Homemade Bikini Contest at Bikini Beach is the place to put your abilities under serious scrutiny for an opportunity to win a prize pack loaded with cool Buffalo Chip swag. Or on the other hand, if the possibility of ladies wearing meager custom made swimming outfits sounds like something you’d appreciate, at that point, this is effortlessly one of the most blazing spots to be amid the Sturgis Rally.

  • Arm Wrestling Contest

Is it true that you are a muscle-bound mammoth prepared to squash your weak rivals? Possibly you have freaky quality from contorting the throttle for many hours, or you simply appreciate a little inviting rivalry. Whatever your case might be, the two people are welcome to share in the Arm Wrestling Tournament in Sturgis contest! The champs of the people’s divisions will each get a couple of Top Shelf Passes!

  • Beer Belly Contest

It takes a long time of commitment to shaping the ideal lager midsection, however, it just takes a couple of minutes to win the Chip’s Beer Belly Contest. Demonstrate the passes judgment on you’re the greatest brew buff alive and have the paunch to demonstrate it and you could win a couple of Stage West supper bargains!

  • Stud Contest

This challenge calls the men of Sturgis on board the CrossRoads Stage to show the correct mix of masculinity and charm it takes to be a genuine stud. In the Sturgis contest that you have the correct stuff to charm the provocative candidates of the Miss Buffalo Chip Pageant and in addition the 2019 Poster Model, at that point, you could be leaving with a couple of Top Shelf Passes.

  • Exceptional Guests

Keep in mind, Fan Fest is additionally your opportunity to see the Flaunt Girls perform and to rub elbows with smokin’ hot exceptional visitors like the Sturgis blurb model and individuals from the International Bikini Team at Sturgis Contest!


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